Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities


The Empowering Institute start your own trucking company now

Branded as our flagship medium-size business opportunities our Transport Contractors reap daily of financial fruits of financial prosperity.

This model provides members with a 5 year transport contract.

In house finance is accessible.

Start-up cost varying from R 300.000 to R 2.5 million.

The Empowering Institute has secured contracts with Collection Points to transport minerals like coal and platinum to dedicated drop off points.
The member has a contract with an in house administrative office situated at The Empowering Institute, which operates as the link between them the Collection Point and the Transport Contractor.

The Empowering Institute
  secures and bridges all the operating cost for the Transport Contractor

  • Other than the first month’s salary for the driver insurance and breakdowns by The Empowering Institute, therefor no additional cost operating capital is required by the contractor. The operating cost is deducted of the contractors invoice at month end.
  • The Empowering Institute secures all the diesel onsite.
  • All repairs and maintenance are facilitated through The Empowering Institute to reduce the down time for the Transport Contractor. 
  • The drivers and trucks are monitored on behalf of the transport contractor. t & c apply

Below is an illustration of the process. 

Administration functions includes:

  • Attendance register of the drivers 
  • Monitoring of loads 
  • Monitoring truck conditions
  • Monitoring repair and maintenance progress
  • Preparing invoices for transport contractors
  • Monitoring Diesel Consumption

T & C’s Always Apply 


The Empowering Institute start your own trucking company now

We define a small business opportunities, as a business which generates a turnover below two hundred thousand rand and costs less than two hundred  and sixty thousand rand to start-up.

Our flagship small business opportunities is Caesars Chicken.
Caesars Chicken is a container based fully fitted fast food chicken outlet, fitted with a complete kitchen, running water and electricity. Chicken was selected as it is most popular protein meat for South Africans.

The container meets all the requirements of the health department. The franchise model was launched in 2004.
The model is a franchise operation, operating on all the franchises dynamics. We have 20 Caesars Chickens operations.

They are located at Kemton Park Tembisa Winnie Mandela, Polokwane Mokopane, Polokwane Jane Furse, Van der Byle Park Evaton, Van der Byl Park Evaton, Alberton Tekoza, Westen Area, Soweto Orlando West, Soweto Freedom Park, Soweto CBD, Balfour, Witbank, Doringkop, Kagiso, Natal Spruit, Malalane, Middleburg, Ogies and Mthatha.

For more information on the Caesars Chicken Franchise please contact us directly.


The Empowering Institute start your own trucking company now

An R 80.000 investment gives you a return on investment of R 75.000 + p.a.
The start-up amount gives you all you need to start your very own chicken business with everything that you will require from A – Z

What do you need

A flat land area of 5sq & *20sq, water supply and electricity.
And a passion for business.


The Empowering Institute start your own trucking company now

Members find themselves at different financial stages in their lives and access to the start-up capital to venture into a small or medium business is not always a reality, The Empowering Institute has a selection of micro business options which include:


  • Biltong making franchise
  • Vending machines
  • Pamphlet distribution
  • Bin saver
  • Caesars Chicken Franchise
  • Chicken Farms
  • Mobile Cleaning Companies ( various ) 

T & C Always Apply


The Empowering Institute start your own trucking company now

This mobile unit is very versatile design and is equipped with everything you would require to get started immediately.

This Includes:

  • A mini fridge  
  • A gas braai
  • Ample shelving and space for all consumables 
  • A 9 hour heavy duty inverted for all electronic requirements.
  • 2 Meter roof giving anyone that works in it more than enough space.